Monday, 3 March 2014

Wood elves: Treeman

I used to play wood elves in warhammer fantasy (well twice before I sold them lol) but I was never a fan of the GW treeman, just a little too random for me, though I appreciate what they were going for.

I did try to sculpt my own treeman back in the day but I never finished him, sold him on a couple of years ago.

Anyway, so I saw the new plastic ent kit and I much prefered it's style the the treeman and previous metal ent, so I bought one to go with my wood elf warband :).

He's had a bit of liquid greenstuff added for texture and I made a root ball for his raised foot from spare dryad bits. The lower legs were swapped around which required a little trimming on the knee sockets.
I've even managed to get a bit of paint on him.... will update soon.

So what do we think of it.....?
Hmmm ok so my daughter's not in to wood elves......


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