Sunday, 16 February 2014

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Forces of Undead (Dire "Wolves")

I actually finished these such as they are last weeked.... finaly found some time to post them up.

Babies require soooo much time

These are really chaos hounds with the chaosy bits trimed or filed off and new tales, they would have looked more wolf like with bushy type tales but I don't have any and it doesn't bother me much anyway.

Could do with some more blood on the fangs (only managed to do it on one of them) but I was really just after getting SOMETHING off the painting desk (first thing since last year).


  1. They look great and the rear being less shaggy fur marks them out as being a bit more special

  2. What rules are you using for your Vampire Hunters?

    1. it's a campaign and the rules are over here:

  3. They look very scary! I love the fact they seem to have no eyes!