Monday, 11 November 2013

WARNING; Total wargamer = Total rubbish

Hi, I know this is a hobby blog and I do have an update coming soon (at last!) but right now I just have to vent.....

The story:

I've placed 3 orders in total with Total Wargamer; 2 of which were delivered within 3 months of placing the orders (not exactly fast but with 30% discounts I was ok with that, i'm not in any rush as I have a backlog all the time anyway...).

The last order I placed on the 27th of May.... due to the first 2 orders taking 3 months, I waited until August to get worried about the order. so in August I contacted them on facebook and got a reasonably speedy response, I even managed to get the smallest part of my order shipped to be in September...

I then got a lot of promises for the order being delivered for a few more weeks. So I waited... and waited, I went to question to status again in October but thier facebook page has been removed (I guess due to too much negative feedback). I then raised a ticket on the 10th of October, and 6 days later was told a refund was being made then and there.

I remembered to check my account today, and what do you know, absolutely no sign of a refund.....

So after 6 months from placing my order, I have no product and no refund.

Let this to be a warning to anyone looking to gamble on Total Wargamer, thier prices are very attractive, but their waiting time is not, and you may find yourself never getting ANYTHING for your money.

I have spoken to a number of other people and this is NOT uncommon at all, a quick search on Google will find a number of other people with similar problems with them.

I'm just glad my last order was only about £30 rather than the first two which were around the £200 mark.... 

Ok Rant over, back to normal.... which at the moment is a lot of nothing, I can only appologise for the lack of updates but getting ready for a baby takes priority over modelling and painting little men, women and other assorted creatures lol.


  1. Companies retailing other products should never take more than a few weeks to deliver anything unless it is really a very special order. 3 months indicates a company using money from new purchases to buy the products to deliver on old purchases. Sort of like a retail pyramid scheme.

  2. This reminds me so strongly to Maelstrom Games

  3. I've had a similar experience with them but got a refund after sending A LOT of emails

  4. the same with both Maelstrom, Total Wargamer and Wayland, thats why I went back to buying from games workshop, yes it costs more but their customer service is incredible and I get the product straight away!

    1. Never had a problem with Wayland so far, but then I think i've only placed 2 orders with them and it was clearence stuff so they definately had it in stock lol.

      Arcane miniatures and Total wargamer have been my worst experiences with online retailers, I didn't get burned by Mealstrom but I appareciate a lot of people did, which is why I will not be giving any of my money to Mierce miniatures (owned by the same guy).

  5. Sorry to hear of your woes, You seem to hear about this sort of thing form most of these re-seller companies. There are obviously worse culprits than others...

  6. I fear eriochrome and Wolfen have it right with regards to Total Wargamer. I suspect they are not long for continuing trading. I hope to be proved wrong, but I will not be sending any money their way, despite the high discounts.

    I know Wayland had a blip a while ago, but they seem much more stable now and I've not heard any significant recent delays from them. My current order with them has not despatched after a week, but I ordered something they didn't have in stock, that's clear on their website tracking system, and there's an indicator of when they intend to ship on the individual items.

    Dark Sphere remain consistent for me, and the only delays are usually down to them not having things in stock - and they're moving to having the website linked to their stock totals, so you should get that information up front as well.

    Some distributors leave all the re-sellers in the same basket - I know Privateer Press and X Wing have both had stocking issues around the country at times, and I believe the Malifaux 2E rulebook is sold out in many places. But the moment someone starts having trouble getting day to day GW (recent Riptide hilarity aside) or Magic stock in, then alarms should start ringing.