Monday, 11 November 2013

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: New Ghouls

Well after the Rant I posted earlier today I though I really should upload something more appropriate to my Blog ... lol

As much as I do actually like the Mantic games king of war Ghouls I was using previously , I have decided to replace them, this is really only due to the fact that they are a little too similar for my liking to the Zombies..... probably not helped by the fact I used Ghoul parts in my zombies... lol....

So I shall be replacing these with the goblin town guys so that they don't look at all similar to these.

I settled on the Lord of the rings Goblins from the Goblin Town set, this is mostly because they have some bat like features that will blend in well with my chosen models for Ghasts (Crocodile games Ghouls) and Harpies (GW Furies), plus to top it off I have the Varghul as my Ghoul king.... so bat like = themed :).

Not a lot of converting on these, I just removed some of their humped backs and replaced it with hair... the next batch have had a couple of hand swaps with Mantic zombies and amongst themselves just to make them mostly unique (I say that because I didn't do anything to 2 of the duplicates).

The paint job was very simple.
Grey undercoat (halfords car primer)
A Wash of OOP GW Shadow Grey
Dry brush 50/50 Shadow greay and OOP foundation Astroinomican Grey
Dry brush Astronomican grey
Paint all the bits of cloth & weapons
Army painter strong tone quick shade over everything
Paint the hair with P3 Bastion Grey
OOP Badab black ink over the hair
Mix some AP strong tone with P3 red ink and dab on weapons hands and mouths
Finish with some pure red ink (I hope to get some tamia red at some point to make it all look fresher).
So far bases are just a wash of P3 Umbral umber over the grey undercoated bases

I will paint the eyes at some point but i've no brushes suitable for that.... new paint brushes are on my Xmas list....

Anyway AN UPDATE!!! TA DAA.... you're all impressed right..... lol.

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