Sunday, 24 November 2013

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: New Ghouls Part 2

 I'm using Wargods Ghouls as Ghasts (elite ghouls) for the campaign.

More Ghouls from Goblin town goblins, this time painted with a Brown tone to add a bit of variation to the hordes of undead, there have been some hand swaps going on with this second batch, including a couple of hands holding dismembered hands from Mantic games Zombies. 

The guy not in focus on the front left was a fairly major conversion, the legs and torso were from different goblins (i'm not a fan of the majorly mutated ones) and the arm with the rock (used to be a head) was from a mantic games zombie.

I have also started to paint the Ghoul king (Varghulf) and the first Gargoyle (Harpy in the campaign, Chaos Fury miniature) the second one will be in the grey scheme to match the first bunch of ghouls.


  1. They make great looking Ghast's buddy. The whole force looks excellent!

  2. They all work great together, nice job. I love the wargod's ghouls, great sculpts. the hobbit goblins work better as ghouls than they do goblins. and always loved the varghulf mini, he works well with the wargods ghouls