Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Forces of Undead (plus New Ghouls Part 3)

After a rather productive 5 days off, the Ghasts are all complete :) (I need to get some gloss varnish for blood though).

 Not a bunch of folk i'd want to meet on a dark night....

I think these figures make great vaguely bat like ghouls, but they'd also work quite nicely as smaller werewolf type figures :).

 It's a speee.... a Spi.....  a spii-d-d-d-der!!!

Toy spiders to be precise.... they were cheap, and had a really slap dash bit of paint work, but I think they came out looking pretty good, they won't win any competitions, but they look fine for my purposes. 

BTW they are on 40mm bases so they make excellent "giant" spiders :).

Not bad for 20p each, the bases probably cost as much ......

Last on the update are the two gargoyles that will follow one of the Barons mistresses in the campaign, one grey one brown just to make it easier to distinguish between the two in games really... lol

And a shot of their backs... the chaos furies are actually quite nice figures I think.


  1. Niiiiice doggy! NIIIICE doggy! ...I don't think they're nice doggies. :(

  2. What models are those you are using for the ghasts?

    1. Hi, those figures are from crocodile games.