Sunday, 21 July 2013

Terrortoise Update

These 6 guys have been on my desk a LOOOONG time now the last update on them was in December!!

Finally got them ready for undercoating, which meant finishing off their arms and weapons basically.

More shots below the random waffing text below.

I have a bunch more shells push molded so there will be more some time in the future, but right now I just want to get these guys painted to finish the 10 I have made.

I'm getting to that point again where I need to finish something in order to keep from falling into a state of not wanting to do anything at all.

At the moment there is one more dwarf that needs painting sitting on my Desk to finish the dwarf warband....he's also been there since last year....

I also have the last NPC (Gustav on the painting desk, again been there since, well early this year at least).

And of course the two new Champions to round out the Southlander warband....

Those 4 models get priority after I finish Ash the Zombie lord, then I'm back in the air but with the Dwarves and Southlanders added to the Sisters of Sigmar (the only warband done so far...).

Before anyone says it, no I will not be adding Bandanas

The locals are not amused at the reminder of their recent loss at the hands of the Hare's running teams at the recent annual sporting event.

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