Thursday, 18 July 2013

Something new i'm working on (mushroom related)

I'm trying to find some arms to start this conversion of a giant mushroom beasty thingy...

The original model is a Cthulhu beast from Monsterpocalypse, it used to have tenticles for arms and for it's mouth, I have to come up with an idea in order to fix the mouth too.

If anyone has any thoughts please feel free to comment, I was thinking river troll arms but I don't have any of those spare presently, mind you I don't really have any large arms spare presently so will likely have to order something from somewhere anyway lol.

To give an idea of scale, this guy is on a 50mm base, I have some other little guys from hasslefree miniatures picked up in the Wayland games summer sale to round out the warband.


  1. some kind of sucker-lamprey mouth would be fun.

    I think i'd leave him without arms, thinking he relies on his mouth to pick up objects? maybe put some of those half-circle shelf like fungus growth up his sides to fill the visual space.

  2. No arms would work, as would tiny little disfigured arms that aren't able to lift stuff... zombie arms would work (or ghoul ones).

    As for the mouth, seeing as it's a mushroom, why not just simple flutes going from the outer edge towards the throat... no teeth, just a gaping, fluted abyss :)