Sunday, 26 May 2013

Wood elves: Painting Dryads

I didn't really feel like finishing off my Ironback Spitters today so I went and had a look to see what else was sitting there waiting to be painted (lots and lots of stuff), the Dryads caught my fancy today. 

I always planned on a Silver Birch scheme for them and after the first few coats went on, I was pretty happy, but I thought they needed something else. A quick google later and I realised that one of the defining features of Silver birch are the horizontal strips on the bark, after painting those on, i'm very happy with the outcome, now I just have to work out how to paint the rest of the wood elves lol, keep scrolling down for more pictures :).

Fully painted standard Dryad

The paint scheme uses the following colours:
Army painter Brown undercoat
Dry brushed I-KORE Mucous white (OOP) very VERY pale cream (closer to white))
Watered down GW Adeptus Battlegrey (OOP foundation mid/dark grey)
GW Badab Black all over (OOP Black wash)
Then I watered down the Mucous white a little and put some lines on the bare patches and blocked a little white in, then again with the Mucous white, barely watered down (to help flow) I highlighted all the raised areas.
Once finished I painted tiny black lines horizontally across the miniature randomly (but not the head).
Then I painted the leaves in Army painter Lava Orange.
Once dry I hit the leaves with a little Army Painter Quickshade (Strong tone).
The eyes and any carved swirls (none on the above miniature) were then painted with some watered down GW Warlock Purple (OOP

Dryad Heroine
 Anyone following my blog or threads on various forums from last year should recognise the above miniature, I converted her back in June of last year, finally got some paint on her. I'm KIND of happy with the paint job here, it's exactly the same as the dryad above, only used a different colour on some of the leaves (P3 Mouldy Ochre) and once finished I used a thinned down pink ink on all the "fleshy" areas. The sword is presently un-finished (just painted flat silver at the moment).

Reaper miniatures familiar
Painted in exactly the same way the little stumpling (my name for it) above will be joining the warband.