Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hordes: Blindwater pact (Minions) Ironback Spitters (paint in progress)

Teedle deep and Tweedle derp about half way through the paint work so far, one coat of P3 heartfire orange (which has pretty poor coverage BTW, even over a brown undercoat, but it brightened up the model enough), one coat of army painter lava orange, one red ink wash, GW scorched brown, P3 Jack Bone (excellent coverage) and lastly Army painter Quickshade: Strong tone.

I need to go back over the guy's scales again as the covereage of the scorched brown was kind of .... well not great lol (painting in with poor light does that), so I need to make sure no orange is showing through, then some highlights, some varnish and i'll start on the back plates.


  1. How do you apply the Quickshade? Neat? With a brush?

    1. Yep, neat with a brush, I got the little droppers they do not the large tins (though I have one of those too, I just haven't been painting any of my warhammer dwarves (which is what I bought it for)).

  2. I found your blog through LAF and I must say that you are very talented indeed. Wonderful showcase of your talents here.