Saturday, 4 May 2013

Hordes: Blindwater pact (Minions) Swamp Horror

He's Still WIP, got a couple of teeth to finish off and decide what to do about the big grey patches on the side (I tried a smooth grey, didn't like it, so went with a smudged grey but I don't like that much either :().

Love this model, if it wasn't for this guy and the Bog trogs I could easily have avoided buying into another army *sigh*. Still I hope that the model can pull double duty in another game system one day.

It sure is fun to paint things in a completely different way / choice of colours than normal though, the minions in general with their varied model races / creatures are well, just enjoyable to paint :) (well the blindwater side at least, I was fed up after my 6th Brigand for Thornfall... lol).

However this picture was taken while the base was still drying (actually it still is) but since taking the shot the damn water simulation type stuff has shrunk a LOT (it basically now just looks like a wet base, rather than a couple of MM depth). :(, going to try another layer in the morning and hope for the best but with the rate of shrinkage so far I think it's going to need about 30 layers.

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