Monday, 29 April 2013

Hordes: Blindwater pact (Minions) Bull Snappers

I'm not dead! I didn't really take a lot of photos at Salute and I haven't taken them off the other camera yet, I mostly just took a couple of photos of some ideas to try and copy or impressive bits of terrain. I didn't buy anything either.... I guess I really don't need a lot at the moment...(mostly terrain but I plan on building it myself).

I did however put a bid on an auction on eBay that ended on the day of Salute, I very much expected to get outbid but I guess a lot of the people that might have bid on a miniatures lot were too busy shopping lol. I managed to pick up a large number of minions figures for a very reasonable sum of monies... there was a disasster when it arrived which I will show in another post, for now I have to get to work!

The pictures shows a couple of light beasts for Hordes, much like the last 2 figures these came pre-painted, but this time I totally re-painted them from scratch. I should have done some greenstuff work on the guy with the green spine (I did on the brown one) where the head met the body, the join lines didn't look as bad as that before inking....

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