Monday, 29 April 2013

Hordes: Blindwater catastrophe

Well as promised here is what befell my minions through the postal service :(.

On top of the pile of bits pictures below were 2 empty trays of egg crate foam (that the miniatures had been packed into) and a bit of bubble wrap... in Royal Mails defence, there was a fair amount of air in the top of the parcel, NOT in their defence... the parcel was sent by special delivery, which is supposed to mean handed to a driver, placed in the van and then hand delivered, not kicked around like a football....

I was pleasantly surprised at least to find nothing missing (bearing in mind a bunch of stuff fell out of a corner as I unpacked it). Some of the resin bases are also a little chipped (not just talking about the paint).

Any painted models were totally ruined (with the backs of the gator heavies acting like cheese graters to paint jobs). Thankfully I didn't buy the models for the paint jobs so all of the above wasn't such a huge slap in the face, though I was looking forward to being able to put models straight on the table, painting the bare metal first and then returning to the painted models to re-paint when I got around to it.... oh well....

Still the seller threw in a second Wrastler as a freebie so I can't complain (just moan a little lol).

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