Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Nachtdorf terrain

Just put together all the bits I have collected over the years and recently purchased for accessorising Mordheim type terrain:

As you can see it's rather an ecclectic collection, crates, buckets and barrels from antenocitis workshop, (Hirst arts licenced casts I believe) some bits from the Warhammer siege defenders kit, Barrels, buckets and chests from Empire artillery sets, "posters" from the flagellant kit, lanterns from Warhammer terrain kits, torches and candles from the empire wagon thingy, wine bottles from Pistolliers, sandbags to use as bags of flour, etc, etc.

Unfortunately the coffins I purchased for the vampire hunters campaign are too small 
even for 28mm games (let alone Warmachine / Malifaux which they were advertised for, but never mind), i'll probably just end up using them more as "tokens" rather than as terrain anyway.

I guess I should probably finish some terrain so I can use some of this stuff lol.


  1. If you want to add a really dark quality to your campaign, those could be the coffins of children...

    1. And that was a creepy idea :P.

      In the campaign they are the coffins that the big bad and his lackys are resting in that the Vampire hunters are hunting. Unless the vampires sleep doubled over or I move to using all child vamps, it doesn't work. Nevermind.