Saturday, 26 January 2013

Mud Devils Hunting Pack

The last 3
GW had an article some years back called "Creature Feature", I think for 40k 3rd edition chapter approved. The article detailed at least 30 rules and points costs for building your own creatures or fauna to use in games of 40k.

The finished pack of Mud devils (bar bases of course)
One of the creatures that GW converted up were the mud devils (or demons I can't remember what they called them), these are apparently inspired by a comic or graphic novel, but I have not read it myself.

The figures are converted from Squigs and the OOP metal Chaos horror arms, with some GS used to cover the squigs eyes and blend in the arms.

Took me a few years to gather the parts together for 8 of them (one not pictured above as he's my least favourite lol).

Really easy conversion and paint job, but I love these little blighters, not sure what / where I might use them yet though.


  1. Pretty cool. How about using them against you witch hunters as they investigate in a chaos tainted swamp?

    1. I haven't made any witch hunters yet...