Sunday, 27 January 2013

Inspirations: Proxy 40k armies

The images you are about to see all come from one guy, forum name "Uber kroot", this guy seems to have a brilliant imagination when it comes to using other miniatures in proxy armies. The creativity here is hugely inspiring to me.

Tarellian Army (link: Here)
Now that's one tooled up leader

Nasty looking ain't he
A fair few scary creatures you wouldn't want to meet in a (large) dark alley
Jump pack Lizardmen...
Reminds me of the HE-MAN movie.....I guess the Avengers movie for younger generations
Necron Monoliths like you have never seen them before...
I see orc & necron  parts, plus a croxigor

Nekulli (Link: Here)
I saw this guy and thought that would look cool with the bretonnian banner top on it's neck.... (looked at the miniature lying on the desk underneath.... crap lol).
I might need to get me some 'nids....


  1. Pretty fearsome looking force. A very talented imagination that guy has got.

  2. You could use those banner-heads for vulture-kroot.

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