Thursday, 6 December 2012

Warmachine: Magnus the dwarf (Archive conversion)

Here's a couple of conversions I haven't got around to painting poroperly, when I played a lot of warmachine I thought it would be fun to play as magnus, but I really do love the Privateer press dwarves too much to invest in stuff I don't really like the looks of. Therefore I decided, magnus is speed 5, which is as fast as the faster dwarves.... why not make Magnus into a dwarf.... (or a dwarf into Magnus)
Magnus was converted out of all privateer press parts, a Hammerfall high shield body, the epic magnus model's arms and the non-epic magnus's backpack. For the head I spent ages looking for a decent dwarfy head in the privateer press AND Warhammer range, in the end I went with an elf head from the nyss hunters, bulked up the nose and added a larger chin and sideburns.

 Magnus has the ability to use unique jacks exclusive to him, the "renegade" warjacks, therefore I needed to work out how to make them, the above was what I came up with, a grundback runner chassis with a chainsaw from the GW Imperial guard sentinel kit (catachan), I got the gear bits from a GW Dwarf cannon kit. I was going to add a one shot missile to the back of the model... somehow to represent the renegades one shot gun and beef the little gut up a bit with some extra plating to represent the buckler the model has.

I might actually have a finished Terrortoise or two to show by the weekend, you never know lol.

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