Friday, 30 November 2012

MODheim: Fishmen update; shrimp / lobster beast (WIP)

So here we have what used to be the "Ultra" version of the Crustaceor figure (in monsterapocalypse a monster box comes with 2 identical version of it, the standard and the Ultra monster) from Privateer Press, with this one I put him under how water and twisted his head a LOT so that he was looking to one side.... unfortunately he bent right back over the course of the three days after that...oh well. 

I did however break his tail off and cut off both his claws to swap over, I repositioned one arm and the tail and then will glue the claws back on once he / she is painted.

The creature was then painted in a faulty can of army painter to give the shell more texture and then with Halfords (a UK car & bike hardware store type thing) grey primer (which is bloody excellent, thank you for that tip Agent of Ping). The model is now residing on the painting desk and I've knocked up a cork base for it.

Remind me. Disemboweling in your species, fatal or non-fatal?
Hopefully I can finish painting him / her this weekend :).

Cheers for reading.

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  1. He's a funky looking beasty wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley