Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wolfbeast - Archive conversion

Did this guy an AGE ago, he's been painted 3 times, unfortunately the first paint job was the best one... I had him in a dark red khorne scheme which looked pretty good, then I went and painted him blue (including his fur). a Tzeentch scheme, then some time ago I slapped on a coat of lighter red and re-painted the fur... basically he's seen better days lol.

Must have done him about 8 years ago now, if not longer, originally just for fun, then he got used in "Path for glory" or whatever that little White dwarf mini game was called.

He's make a good beastman or chaos possesed beastman in Mordheim.

Conversion parts. all GW:
Ork body (one of the 1 piece archers from the starter set a couple of versions ago). one orc arm.
OOP chaos warrior arm (holding the sword).
Empire Militia great weapon.
OOP rhino hatch (shield), OOP Dark eldar helmet hair / plume.
Goblin wolf rider's woold head (champion).
Cicles cut of a bit of round sprue and some spears.
Shoulder armour from a 40k ork (the spikey bit )
Green stuff fur

I have the parts for a lot more of these as one day I was probably going to make an entire beastman warband, I may well get around to that sometime soon, though I'm going to try and come up with a better idea for the armour, something like this brilliant work here (on the left):

 You can see more images of this guy's work here.

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  1. Pretty burly looking chap he is to. Nice work.