Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mordheim Vampire Hunters NPCs: Gerhardt Lowenherz, Militia Sgt

Here is the 2nd to last NPC I need to complete for the Vampire hunters campaign, (the last one being the toiwn Burgermeister) here is a snipiet from the wargame weaver's campaign rules found here.

The commander of the militia is a brave and loyal man, but his few militia members have all been slain. Perhaps the heroes can help him train some new recruits! Gerhardt is armed with a spear, shield, light armor, and helmet. 
The conversion uses the following parts:
GW mperial guard tank crew legs
GW Empire Militia torso (with coat) & Head, Empire greatswords torso front (with laurel).
GW Empire Soldiers OOP set leg armour (push molded).
GW Empire State troops spear arm (& eventually tip).
I think the dagger is from the high elf spearmen.... 
He will obviously need more sculpting work so far i've only worked over the torso with pro-create to blend the militia and greatsword torso.

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  1. Nice looking figure, your kitbashing skills are brilliant.