Friday, 23 November 2012

Warhammer Fantasy: Dwarf Hammerers (Archive Conversions)

So I got a new PC game this week.... so i've done absolutely nothing towards anything, therefore I had to delve into some old photos to find these old dwarf hammerers I converted out of 6th edition Warhammer plastics and bits from other places (like 7th edition plastic dwarf warriors (hammer heads, beards) and Avatars of war beards, space wolf braids. Lots of greenstuff used to bulk out the body / give the plate armour look and also to make some of them female :),.

Some of these photos are WIP but I don't have any better ones and my dwarves are just one of the many projects in an un-finished state.
I call her Olga :).

The guy on the left shows you how the torso is glued on.... sort of.
The guys above are the finished versions of the dudes in the photo above this one (far right) with a metal bead and tiny bit of a spear I think to give him a flask of ale and a pipe from the 7th edition plastics (though I think the way the hand is holding it is all wrong personally)
I was a bit more creative with the last few guys helmets at the back, I should have been doing this from the begining as it looks a lot better than just plan helmet backs IMO.

Another random bunch of fellas, I think the guy on the far right didn;t get enough of his head removed, he looks more ape like than the others... OOK.

Just another two guys.
 Aren't actually any pictures of the guys using Avatars of War heads

The female dwarf on this thread is the leader for the unit (or a thane if i'm not using hammerers).

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  1. Get them finished they look ace. Love the sculpted plates on the rear of the armour.