Sunday, 18 November 2012

MODheim: Fishmen update; shrimp / lobster beast

He's my latest "finished" work, this one is not a conversion just a re-paint (and re-base) of a pre-painted plastic model from Privateer Press's Monsterpocalypse; "Crustaceor" monster from the Tritons faction. 

I decided to paint him blue to go with my Fishmen scheme, though if I ever do write a list for these things though this thing and the Mato will be options for the fishmen, they should be a list in themselves as well (IMO), so I made it a rather different blue scheme so that if they ever get fielded against each other they'll look like different factions.

I have another one of these that i'm looking to convert, but superglue doesn't stick to them too well, i'm going to try pinning.... but the plastic also doesn't drill well.... we'll see how it goes.

Cheers for looking :).


  1. He's quite interesting. Hadn't seen you fishmen so when back and had a look, very nice painting!

    1. Thank you :) This thing towers over the GW River trolls, certainly the largest thing I have painted for this project. I really like him though, despite the figures general lack of detail. I might well proxy him in a game or two of Hordes at some stage. He'd also be great in Super dungeon explore.

  2. Very cool looking beastie, love the colour you chose.

  3. I love popping by occasionally to see what you're up to. You're a talented git!