Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Necromunda: Sci-Fi Demi-Warrior (archive conversion)

The lighting is crud at the moment so you'll have to wait if you wanted some more Kroot conversion piccies.

The parts used in the conversion are:
2x pairs of necron legs. 
1x Necron warrior torso. 
1x Necron spine + pelvic region. 
1x Terminator helmet front. 
1x Defiler wavy attacky flail thingy. 
6x Dwarf helmet horns. 
A weapon cut off an old Eldar titan (a titan that would now be worth a lot of money... oh well).
Some greenstuff and a 25mm base.
So this guy is another archive conversion from my abandoned "Fringe Wars" Necromunda conversion. I dubbed him a "demi-warrior".. can't really explain why.... the idea behind the conversion is that there is a snake type of creature inside the suit.

The fluff in my head is that the "Ichar" a race of highly evolved sentient lizardmen were extremely advanced before their race's demise at the hands of the imperium. The Demi-warriors are an example of the pinnacle of their technology, allowing the otherwise relatively harmless sentient race of serpents that co-inhabited their world to perform functions that they have only ever dreamed of.
Although much of the technology from their home world could not be saved the Demi-warriors were capable of evacuating themselves and thus able to escape their world's demise with their Ichar allies.

Anyway, I didn't really go far enough to distinguish this from a Necron model, though a paint job would help, it's origins are immediately obvious. Also the underslung gun looks pretty rubbish and I never finished the tail.


  1. It looks cool. I agree a PJ would help disguise the donar parts to make it. Nice concept though