Sunday, 7 October 2012

MODheim: Birdmen (WIP)

Ok, so I'm sure I said I was planning on finishing something, like the dwarf warband, or the gnomes maybe... oh well....

Yes I have started on the NEXT warband, the birdmen. 
Fantasy kroot is not an original idea by any means a google search will bring you a fair few hits for fantasy armies with kroot bits. The "inspiration" (read: rip off) for the conversion above is actually a 40k kroot conversion I found on said google search by a forum member from Dakka Dakka called "J-Paint" from his thread here:

There will be a fair amount of Greenstuff work on him before he's finished though. I have made a start on a couple more guys so should have some more progress shots at or before next weekend depending on the weather (read: light source).

The parts for the above conversion are:
Games workshop Kroot legs, body, head, arms and hands.
Games workshop Wood elf glade guard bow and cloak.
Games workshop empire militia archers arm (which I removed the arrow from).
And a 30mm "DS Style" base of course.