Saturday, 20 October 2012

MODheim: Bloodcap Gnome Group shot

Sorry it's mostly out of focus, my fiancee has gone up north for her uncle's retirement do and she stole my OLD camaera... and I haven't quite figured out all the buttons on the new one yet.....

I took a group shot of the Gnomes, the only thing I've done to them since the individual shots is black out their bases ready for whatever I decide to do to them.

I'm going to put the warband on hold for a while as I figured out what to do about ranged weapons... basically I am going to put mushroom men in the warband. I figure you don't expect a mushroom man to be too tough in combat so they'd make perfect troops for ranged support :).

I was going to get the Hasslefree miniatures which are great, BUT they don't fall into my budget and I really need to stick to it because my fiancee is going to be out of work again very soon.

Anyway, I also took a group shot of the terrortoise which I will put up tomorrow (as I doubt I will have anything else finished this weekend).

Thanks for reading :).


  1. They look really good. Perhaps sculpt your own shroom folk.

    1. That's the plan I've just yet to start it lol.