Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sci-Fi terrortoise anyone + new fishmen miniatures on the horizon.

Well I was going to get around to doing a sci-fi terrortoise conversion and in the back of my mind I was thinking about scratch sculpting and casting them but it looks like Mantic games may have done the groundwork for me.

Assuming they make another $13,000 in the next 6 hours at the time of writing on their "dreadball" kickstarter this lovely concept will be put into play:

I have ti admit i'm slightly annoyed that the idea I had is now no longer original but this is cool enough to get over that. I have already invested in the Dreadball kickstarter and this is definitely going to be one of my BOGOF teams.

While i'm posting concepts from companies I also found out about this one the other day:

His name is Rask, and he is going to be the Blindwater caster appearing in the next Privateer press Hordes release (2013), seen here pictured with undead Bog Trogs.... These models WILL BE MINE!!! they will be added to my fishmen warband, only problem is, at PPs prices they will probably set me back about £40, I wish PP would go plastic :( (for cost and ease of conversion.

Anyway, I have actually finished a Terrortoise paint job so will have a photos up today or tomorrow.

Have a good rest of Sunday


  1. That Sci-Fi tortoise is cool... maybe you should start putting sci-fi versions of yours together. It would be a shame to get hold of the Mantic one and not have any followers for him :)

    1. It;s an entire team so no problems there, i'm seriously considering getting 2 teams (16 in total).....

  2. Feel your pain on an unrealised idea being launched by another. I've had enough that I'm losing count the number of times I couldn't capitalise an idea prior to someone else doing it first.

    Almost all my divergent modelling pieces are miniatures I would love to launch as a range (The Shea'shi, Naga etc) among other mini ideas I see missing in the market. The one that hit me hardest and even had me drop off the map for awhile was Super Dungeon Explore.

    Four years ago I drew up an outline for 'Dungeon Hoard' (one of several names), still have the sketches and board art - a beer and nuts game with cusotm dice, board sections and four heroes done in a more European chibi style. At the time, no one was doing this. I even drew storyboards for a promo cartoon using 'Bird is the Word' tune and heroes running amok trashing the dungeon to get the most loot to win and copious amounts of back stabbing card play (trick monsters to chase other players and so on).

    Anyhow, I had no capital to launch it and kickstarter didn't exist; SDExplore launched and made squillions with it's easy play console vibe. Ouch.

    So yes, definitely.. deeply, feel your pain.

    1. I expect it would still sell, a bit of competition never hurts. To be fair the Urban mamoth "Warheads" isn't far off in feel to SDE either and was released some years before it, I bet they are kicking themselves as well.

      If it makes you feel any better I really dislike Chibi styled stuff :P lol.

      From what I hear though SDE's gameplay isn't exactly great, so there may be still time if the rules you had in mind were superior.....

    2. Haha, yah - Warheads came out about 8-9 months after I began drafting some ideas. Their arrival was nice in that I knew I was onto something - but they weren't going the dungeon route.

      Either way, fair comments on perhaps putting it out there - with all the models soon to be available through Impact! Miniatures, might be worth it.