Saturday, 29 September 2012

Necromunda: Sci-Fi lizardman (archive conversion)

A few years back I was working on a sci-fi project called "Fringe Wars", the intention being to create a modified version of Necromunda where you could use other races than just humans (and the few Genestealer or Ork lists out there). The below conversion was a race I had called the "Ichar", I was going to mix lizardmen with another race, much like snakes but that were implanted into a mechanical suit (converted from Necron parts).

Much like a lot of my projects  the Fringe Wars project came to an end when the players at the club went off the idea of Necromunda. I'm appear to be driven by the desire to play games with races un-seen in the usual canons, but i'm stiffled by a lack of players with any desire to do the same :P. I wish I lived in a town, city where there were people with a passion to create random crap like me basically :( lol.

Anyway, incase you are curious the weapon was made out of sprue bits and a glass bead, the rest is just a lizardman skink and a bit of plastic shaving for his shoulder armour.


  1. Now that is a cool concept. Nice conversion mate

  2. Your conversions are amazing.

    1. Thank you :), I guess being so-so at painting just means I spend more time converting lol.