Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Modheim Building 2 WIP

Another shot of a WIP building this time it will be 2 story.

The stripped foamcore has got a slight curve to it after taking off the paper from one side, I think next time I will make the walls double thick, certainly if the walls are going to be any longer!!

I have added floor skirting and a chimney since these photos were taken, but it's now getting darker in the evenings here so I doubt I can get any new photos until the weekend.

Captain Flashheart again poses for the camera while one of his trusty crossbow men takes aim out of one of the windows.


  1. excellent! I never have gotten round to making custom buildings. Been on my todo for ages I bought some stuff called gatorboard a decade ago, still in my closet ;-(. It's basically foamcore, but without the paper coating. More expensive, but holds up to moisture. You can put clay, stucco, etc. over it without warping.

    Looking forward to seeing this painted!

    1. sounds more like something i'd want to build a gaming surface out of than buildings... particularily the fact that they only recommend power tools for cutting it!!

      I've undercoated the building, but I'm going to paint some woodwork in the house today (the one we live in) rather than terrain unfortunately. :(