Sunday, 16 September 2012

MODheim: Bloodcap Gnomes update DEATHCAP

Madness or inspired... that's what I was thinking as I cut off the top of this £8 figure.....

Truth be told this guy has been in my lead pile for a good few years now and I still hadn't done anything with him so.... what the hell!.

The deathcap, leader of my gnome warband, any min now he's going to realise some bugger has stolen the head of his weapon right out from under his nose.....
Conversion uses the Avatars of War Chaos Dwarf Hero type metal figure, and OOP GW Night goblin head / hood and some GS.

I was going for an executioner type hood look, which is kind of what I've got.... he needs a bit more putty on the left hand side where I managed to cut a little too much off when shaving a bit of excess dried putty off :(.

I wanted to do an armoured gnome for the warband's leader in MODheim, plus using them as black dwarves in border town burning means there is a chance I might get some chaos armour, in which case the model can get used there too. It means i'm down one chaos dwarf hero, but then he's really too tall vs. all of the chaos dwarves i've converted so far anyway!

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