Saturday, 11 August 2012

ZOMBIES!!!! (& skeletons)

Well, no good vampire army could possibly be complete without a horde of Zombies now could it!
Here we have a lot of Mantic Games Zombies (and a couple of ghoul bits, plus one GW flagellant head) all based on 30mm round "DS" bases (Display style apparently...).
There are a few minor conversions here and there, the only one of note is the guy holding his head on with and axe in his neck, basically I bent the arm till the head reached the neck and then stuck an axe from the Mantic skeleton set on the neck.

Assembly of these figures is really easy, the only pain in the bottom was cutting thier little round bases off to put them on the 30mm bases, I considered basing them on the square ones but I have no plans to play an undead warhammer or KoW army and I will hopefully get a fair amount of use out of them in various mordheim adventure type games / campaigns.

These will be used heavily in the Mordheim Vampire hunters campaign. I have yet to order a can of Army painter's "Necrotic flesh" spay paint in order to start the painting process, but I still have 15 odd ghouls and 15 odd skeletons to put together and paint anyway (I already have the bone spray).

Speaking of skeletons, here are the latest ones finished, mostly mantic parts but GW spear arms and a couple of GW bodies (the GW Bodies I have to say are superior, simply for the fact that the Mantic rib cages are in most cases substantially too small).


  1. Love them.. and agreed that cutting off the bottom sections are a pain.. though couldn't you have gone and just based them as if they were raised a bit higher on the bases?

    1. I could have but what would be my reasoning behind all the zombies being a little higher than everything else?.... It wasn't THAT hard to chop off the bases (though I had to glue some of the feet back on afterwards... lol).

      Plus the 20m rounds bases on my 30mm rounds would look really odd unless I filles the rest of the base and that iis more basing effort than I ever want to put into anything undead lol.