Friday, 3 August 2012

MODheim: Terrortoise Update (PIP)

I have a busy weekend this week, so i'm doubting that I will get anything else up this week, so I though i'd put up a shot of the current progress on my Terrortoise guys.

As you can see I have now given them arms and undercoated them. The guy on the far left will be getting a shield once he's painted.

My undead army have arrived from Mantic games now so I have a lot of undead to put together so I don't know when I will get to painting these guys.... I guess it depends on how bored of putting together undead I get.


  1. I actually love these. You don't see enough fantasy turtlemen! Or sci-fi ones for that matter!

    I'd absolutely buy these. How about a conversion kit? :)

    1. I've thought about that but there is a lot of GS work in the neck area so it woulden't work brilliantyl, plus the Dwarf legs had a lot hacked off as well so it woulden't jus be a "glue on shell, glue on head and your done" conversion, I think that would be enough to put people off.