Thursday, 23 August 2012

WARMACHINE: Searforge Hammerfall UA

I thought i'd put up the WIP shots for the custom Searforge Hammerfall Highshield UA I made a couple of years ago as the previous pics are all fully painted.

These conversions are made primarily from Privateer Press Hammerfall figures (as you might expect) but I also mixed in a few GW parts (in particular, heads) to get more individuality from PPs figures.
The finished UA
I started with the officer, taking the Hammerfall body with a wide gait turning left.
I cut off the left leg cleaned up the groin area and pinned the trimmed lower leg to the stub with a gap in-between ( I used a bit of hard GS underneith the foot for support).
I then put some strips of GS on either side of his cloak and left them to dry.
Once dry I went over those strips with more GS and put in some creases and the button holes on the right hand side.
After that I took one of the straighter hammerfall left arms and cut it up, re-assembling it into a straight pose (without the hand).
Then I took and empire knight head and trimmed off the top, applying a bretonnian helmet in the laurels place.
The pointing hand is from the OOP Dwarf warriors boxed set.
After I started painted I also added a loin cloth out of a bit of plastikard with GS ontop of it.
Pre paint shot of the conversion
Paint in progress shot of the conversion
The standard bearer was converted from one of my spare unit leaders (I've had up to 60 hammerfall at various points... kind of obsessed...).
His gun was hacked off and the arm cleaned up
The hand / banner pole was from the current GW dwarf warriors (or thunderers).
The head is from an OOP Empire state troops box.
The banner was made by putting shapes of plastikard on the banner pole and then using pro-create I sculpted all the little plaques (I pushmolded the top one from the stock UA).
There is also a little high elf purity seal type bit at the bottom.
He also has a bretonnian helmet on his back.

A couple of WIP shots of the standard bearer


  1. The banner looks great - reminds me of the Roman-esque ones, I'm guessing that's what you were going for :)

    1. Sorry, nothing so creative as that, I was just copying the official Hammerfall unit attachment standard bearer model in design lol.