Friday, 24 August 2012

MODheim: Undead update (Banshee)

I finally finished this conversion, one of the arms is longer than the other but to be honest I  just really need to finish something, so i'm leaving it as is!

Parts are: 
Legs from the GW coven throne
Head and torso from a GW Demonette
Arms from a Mantic games ghoul
30mm base, greenstuff and procreate as usual.

Really happy with how she came out (except the short arm, but never mind).....


  1. That is pretty awesome, i can't see any problem with the arms. Will look amazing once painted up!

    1. Thank you, it's not visible from most angles, but the right arm (from shoulder t oelbow) is shorter then the left, and too short in reality, it's s niggling thing rather than a really obvious one.

  2. that is superb... may have to nick that for my Folk Horror stuff, looks just perfect...

  3. Really good stuff - could actually work well as a daemonhost for Inquisitor/Inqmunda...