Sunday, 1 July 2012

MODheim: Dwarves (PiP)

An update on the dwarves, I had to try and finish something in order to keep my motivation going, and the dwarves were the ones at the top of my list. I still have to convert one more troll slayer, but he is now the last model outstanding.

As far as the painting goes, I have to touch up the flesh some as the new dwarves look a little sun burnt at the moment.

Engineer (yes that is an axe blade on her crossbow)
Troll slayer (Mantic games Berserker, converted with Greenstuff, GS arms & Weapon head and AoW Berserker hair
Great weapon Henchwoman
2 weapon combo Henchwoman
Hammer & Shield Henchwomen
Group shot including the models from previous dwarf blog entry

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