Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Campaign Master forces

More progress on some of the undead required for the campaign. I now have 6 Dire wolves based (Miniatures are Chaos hounds) and have finished off the Wraith from one of my previous posts :).
I have also undercoated 5 ghouls and a couple of skellies to start on some painting at some point (no photos).

I have also now based 3 giant spiders for the campaign. These are toy spiders and the plastic has excellent memory... which is a pain as they never stay where you bend them. 
To pose them how I have, I had to bend the legs at the joints back on themselves and then use a pair of pliers to crimp the plastic a bit, this gave me sufficient time to superglue the feet to the bases, still it takes a lot of patience and a LOT of glue, hence why I have only finished 3/8 :(. 
Still for the price (£1.70 inc. postage on eBay for 8 of them) I think these make fantastic giant spiders :).

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