Monday, 11 June 2012

MODheim: Wood elves (WIP)

Below we have a dryad heroine for the wood elf faction, the dryad heroes in the fuff in my head.. have a better control over thier metomophasis, therefore they can control thier limbs into usable hands (in other words I wanted the player to have the ability to arm the model rather than just using her claw (of course the claw is still an option should the user desire).

I love the GW plastic dryad figures but wanted to go with a more "human" body to show the dryad heroines superior abilities, hence the use of the parts below.

Parts list :
Wood elf bits (a piece with a sprite on became her lower leg) and an sword hand from the glade riders.
Demonette torso & leg.
Dryad parts.
A couple of leaves cut from a catachan jungle fighters support squad bit.
She will need a bit of greenstuff, but not a great deal.

Dryad Heronie

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