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MODheim city of legend: Southlanders

THE SOUTHLANDERS (30mm MODheim Warband)
This post is a Catch-up post bringing the project up to where it is today.

Below I present the Southlander warband for my city of Legend re-write of the Mordheim rules (still under construction).

The Southlanders are extremely rich, living in fertile lands. The many fiefdoms of the southlands provide taxes and resources for the regions capital.

A Southlander, though outwardly honourable, is just as likely to have you assassinated as to face you on the open field of battle, they worship life (theirs) and monetary wealth above all else.
The figure below is an assassin.

It was converted from Militia legs (carved thinner at the top / groin removed), Demonette Torso, Wood elf arms and head. The weapon was taken from a Dark elf Corsairs sprue (helmet bit), the daggers are from the Mordheim sprue.
Southlander Assassin

The following pictures show the 2 Marksmen in the warband (who have since had weapon and head swaps). They were converted from Catachan Jungle fighter legs, Militia torsos, Empire handgunner arms and Bretonnian heads. Accessories were from the Dwarf and Empire handgunner kits.
Southlander Marksman 1

Southlander Marksman 2
The below shot is Shows the Swordsmen.
They were converted from Catchan jungle fighter legs, GW Empire knight torsos, Bretonnian heads (some of them converted with Empire faces) and "hairy head sprue" arms (used to be Mordheim Middenhimer sprue, and then Knights of the white wolf upgrade sprue). 
The pouches are from High elf Phoenix guard

Southlander Swordsmen
 The next shot shows the swordsman I chose from the above 4 models to lead the warband.

Southlander Captain

One of the great thigns about choosing 30mm as the size of the average figure for MODheim was that any 28mm figure would be the perfect size for adolescents :).
The below figures were converted from Bretonnian men at armss, the heads were from the Privateer press Druids of Orboros and a warlord games plastic kit (possible saxons, I fail to remember :( ). Later on I have them arms from the Empire greatswords kit and the Bretonnian men at arms kit.

Southlander Pages

 The Mage below was converted from a Rackham figure (can't remember who), all I did was leave part of the helmet off and greenstuff over the remaining gap.

Southlander Mage

 The Below photos show the current state of the warband
Southlander Assassin (head take 2)
Southlander Marksmen after head and weapon swap

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