Saturday, 12 May 2012


Below I have posted up images of my 15mm project for the GRUNTZ system, written by a friend of mine.

The collective is an alliance of races that have banded together to create a stable force within the universe. The alliance is a nomadic faction, travelling throughout the stars on massive vessels teaming with life and mechanical automatons.

The venerable Demiurg lead the alliance in battle, due to thier advanced technology and extreme durability they make for fearsome enemies whilst showing a vast experience in battle tactics and strategies.

Among the other races incorperated into the alliance the Nisscar stand out. As one of the founding members and most alien in form. They command powerful psykic abilities, combined with Demiurg technology the force of their minds is able to power terrifying weaponry and extremely agile fighting machines able to out manouver the best the universe has to offer.

Below are some images of the models I have painted so far.

This is my commander; a Demiurg Warden battlesuit.
The Suit was converted out of a Dust Tactics miniature, with legs from an OOP HAVOK Karn darksun PPP figure (I think that is what it was called).

Warden Battle suit

The odd looking thing below is a Nisscar Praam.
 It was converted out of a part from a Warmachine Retribution Warjack, combined with some greenstuff and wire for the tentacles.

Nicassar Praam

Here we have a unit of Demiurg Drones lead by a Nicassar Attachment.

The Drones were converted from the ends of the Necron Gauss Flayers.
The Nicassar was converted from a Wood elf Dryad part combined with a necron Scarab head.

Drones & Nicassar Attachment

I don't have a name for the creatre below yet, it's an original sculpt that I did some years ago, I had a few cast up and I will be using them as scout type troopers, when the Demiurg need something with more iniative than a drone for engagements.

???? Rabbit styled Alien type thingy

There will be more to come on the 15mm front. I have some more drones ready to paint and another battlesuite under construction. I also have 2 tanks lined up for converting.

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