Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Skaven - Clan Skryre; Warlock Engineer

Was looking through a bits shop last month and saw the doomwheel driver and thought, hey that would be kind of cool as a wheelchair using Skyre guy....
Some wheel bits from the Lightning cannon I believe.
Small wheel from the Mortar (OOP Warhammer Starter box)
Pack from the warp flamethrower thing (OOP Warhammer Starter box)
And hey presto mostly done.
I re-posed his head slightly to make the miniature less linear (everything was facing the same direction), will require some greenstuff work and of course some arms... but nearly done already.

Messed up the wheel cap on this one a little so will require some more sanding and filling (chopped off too much from the bottom of the cap and then had to graft some back on again) 


  1. Brilliant! Looking forward to seeing this painted.

  2. Amazing!! great conversion really original