Sunday, 6 December 2015


A couple more Ember Demons, work in progress, needs a bunch of filling on both, these models are pretty good casts, but their fingers are quite awful, the nails and fingers have a gap between most of them, particularly on their right hands.

Guy on the left was bent into a sort of striding post using hot water and a fair amount of brute force, I was also going for a more closed fight on his right hand using the hot water method.
Guy on the right had his head glued on facing forward and then I did some greenstuff work to blend it in a bit, he also has a bit of fire in his right fist and of course some horns from the Bloodletter kit, unfortunately there is only one set of those horns per kit, I had to buy an entire set's worth of heads from a bits shop to get that one pair of horns :( and now I need another pair!

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