Friday, 4 September 2015

Sea Troll king (Throgg Conversion)

So, personally I love the river troll figures.... a lot, possibly a little bit obsessively.

I've never been interested in playing either Orcs and Goblins or Chaos as armies, but I wanted some trolls anyway so I bought a box, then I bought some spare bodies from a bits seller.Then I bought some more and some more bodies from a bits seller.
Then GW released Throgg....

Then I bought 6 second hand trolls, and another box and 2 more bodies from bits sellers...

Now apart from the 2 I assembled and painted for my Bog Trogg Modheim warband, i'd not assembled any of them, so basically for years i've had a bag of un-assembled trolls, this was silly and had to change, so ive now built 12 of them and have started converting a Throgg conversion, who knows perhaps i'll even play an age of sigmar game with them :).

So back to the conversion at hand.
I sawed his front torso in half and the back was cut down through his shoulder fat bulges / muscles, whatever they are, 

Front the front torso I removed the neck, I then chopped the front top half of his torso in half.
I glued the lower half of his torso / abdomen together and then stuck some thinner sprue pieces onto it to raise it a little.
I then glued the back torso parts to the front tosro parts top half of his toro to these leaving around a 6mm gap in the middle of his pecks which I then glued some sprue from the edge of a frame to to fill the bag between the two halves.
I cut and glued some small lengths of sprued inside the two halves of his back just to fill the gaps before I glued then neck on (e.g. before the neck went on he had a spine made of sprue glued to the inside of his back torso).

I glued both halves of his neck / spine together with plasic glue and when it was mostly dry I bent it slightly to give it a bit more width, then using another piece of smaller sprue on the bottom of the front of the neck I glued that to the sprue in the middle of his pecks and the back to another small piece of sprue glued to his sprue spine.

I hope that all makes sense, I should have taken more photos of the process but i was eager to get on with the conversion...

What you can see below now is half way through the 2nd coat of putty, he had some filling work done with small screwed up pieces of foil used to fill holes and then pro-create (grey putty) used roughly fill gaps. Then greenstuff has been used to create the rough shape of figure, the final layer(s) will be applied over this.

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