Sunday, 1 March 2015

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Forces of Undead: HORDES of undeath (plus one random dragon tamer)

Well I've not really managed to finish any projects recently, but I have been plugging away when I could over the last couple of years on the basic undead infantry, but I've never really shown a decent photo of them all, I still have a few boney undead to finish so haven't taken any photos of them yet but here's the rest.

The Brainless undead

The Flesh eater undead

As far as real updates are concerned I only have a work in progress dragon tamer, any head suggestions or suggestions over what he should have in the other arm?


  1. That's an awesome looking undead horde :)

    As for the Dragon-tamer. My first thought for the head was maybe an elven Dragon Prince Cavalry helmet, but the big dragon wing crest may be a little much alonside the head of the staff.
    Maybe a hooded head, putty on some scales to blendit into the cape/clothing?

    For the arm, might I suggest something like a pointing finger, or hand holding out an item (crystal/idol)?

    1. Cheers for the comment, not finished yet though (the horde), I'm not sure about a helmet for him but the hood I will certainly consider, shame I don't have any from the new wood elf kit :(.


  2. Suggest something like a prod for the dragon tamer, something like what an elephant trainer uses.

    As for head, a hood would be nice, although it really depends where you want to take the character. If you want a more jovial happy animal trainer, you could go with a few different empire heads. Some of the bretonnian heads could also work if you want a more "beat up" look.