Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Undead - Flesh eaters: Werewolf & Ghoul king

Well erm, quite honestly I haven't done anything really hobby related beyond texturing some bases for over a month.... but I hadn't realised that I had 4 images yet to post up, these two and the final shots of the skaven Assassin and Black skaven which I will post this weekend.

The above figure is aMantic Kings of war Werewolf, with some putty work at the joints (frankly they fit REALLY badly.

The below figure is a GW Ghoul king from the undead dragon kit.

I have sort of (in my head) split the undead down to a few factions with these guys falling into the "Flesh eaters" sub faction with the ghouls and ghasts already posted. Just helps me to have a "theme" for the warband even if I have no particular rules in mind.


  1. Hi there! I've just bumped into your blog and seen your minis. I love the werewolf and I wonder if it is for sale. I'd fit in perfectly on my Zombicide Black Plague game.

    1. Hi there it's a mantic games werewolf see this post here: