Sunday, 10 August 2014

Mordheim Vampire Hunters: Forces of Undead (more Totem Bearers)

Converted and painted these over the last 2 weekends to go with the guy with the whip featured in my last undead post.

Both are converted from Mantic Ghouls with mantic spears and then GW heads and banner bits / corpse bits.
The left guy gets his banner from the GW skelly kit I believe while the right guy has the skulls cut from a duplicate banner and the torso that was held in a ghoul's hand, the heads are from the Corpse cart kit.... I have realised that I didn't take a good front on shot of the guy on the right so you can't see his face, i'll try to get a group shot of the zombies once the last totem bearer (with whip) is painted with a better shot of that guy.


  1. Been browsing your blog for a while. You got some very cool and flavorful conversions! I'm assuming you use these for mordheim? I find that the round lipped Warmachine/malifaux bases make the models look a lot more polished and appealing than the typical square warhammer fantasy bases... I would think it suits the skirmish nature of the game a bit better too.
    Do you write up house rules for these sorts of more eccentric conversions, or do you proxy them for some existing troop entry in the standard mordheim warband lists?

    1. Hi there, thank you for the comment.
      The honest truth is I haven;t played a wargame in over 6 years, I only get time for boardgames these days, but converting was always the part of the hobby I liked best anyway so I just carried on.
      Mordheim was my favoirte game by far and by "painting outside the lines" (e.g. ignoring the official lists) I can make small warbands of miniatures I like rather than miniatures that must conform to something.
      So in summary I guess, I don't use any lists because I don't actually play with the miniatures lol. If I had the chance to play again I would probably make new lists but copying stats from exisiting (playtested) warbands.
      However saying all that these Totem bearers are actually from Wargames Weavers Co-op Mordheim campaign (something i'd love to do one day (perhaps if my little girl gets into wargames,... say in about 16 years time lol).
      Statitically they are just zombies that encourage the zombies around them to fight a little better (+1 WS).
      I have a load more ideas i'd like to convert up at some point, but Babies really aren't helpful lol.
      Anyway i'm glad you enjoy the conversions and thanks for stopping by.