Thursday, 8 May 2014

Liebster Award part 2

Following on from my last post on the Liebster Award

Here are my nominations

(please do not feel left out if I didn't choose your blog).

And my questions are:

1. What if your favourite army to collect / play / model and what attracted you to it?

2. What is you favourite Sci-fi / fantasy race (besides human) and why?

3. If you could imagine the perfect miniatures based game based on other existing games what games would it be a mix of?

4. If you can remember, what was the first war / board game you played and what did you think of it at the time?

5.  If you had to pick 2 TV series which were cancelled and you wish were not, what would they be?

6. Do you have any gaming regrets (e.g. a game you wish you had played, a model you wish you had purchased, etc.)?

7. If you could come up with a new race / faction for your favourite game what would it be?

8. What is the figure that you don't own that you desire the most, and why haven't you got it yet?

9. What fantasy / sci-fi film character do you believe is most like you?

10. If you were friends with a superhero, what would you get them to do for you with their powers?

11. When the going gets tough, you get?


  1. I nominated you for one, keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you for nomanation!
    How does this Award works?

    1. Check out the link in the forth paragraph here:
      basically, you post 11 truths about yourself,
      you answer the 11 quesions as written by your nominee
      then you nominate and try to contact 11 bogs (which so far I have failed to do...) trying to find blogs that have not already been nominated and with less than 200 followers.
      Direct them to your nomination and 11 questions (and a link to a site that explains the award.... or basically this explination lol).

      In summary it's kind of like a spam email, except the whole point is to try and promote your blog and others via the nominations and cross posting rather than just see how many years you can keep a spem email going....

  3. Very kind to recommend the Marienburg Mordheim odyssey.

    If I could stop myself playing the Warhammer Quest app on iPad for enough time to get on with some work/painting/writing/washing up then I would but it's too addictive. I don't play computer games but figured you'd be interested to know that it's worth buying the damned tablet device just to get this freaking adventure on the go! 100% pure win.

    Maybe I should be killing ugly orc bosses, giant spiders kids and joe trolls while listening to America's Least Wanted & Menace to Sobriety. ;)

    Regarding the awards thing, I did also receive a mention from Cianty's Blogspot. My initial thoughts are as Liber Malefic is less about my personal preferences and more about the state of play for the Executive Merchant Council of a city-port metropolis, I will likely continue posting about relevant topics to the maritime campaign rather than stroking my ego in public! :p

    Ok back to the next dungeon quest in Stirland. I have a barbarian and three other heroes to level up. :-D



    1. can't do much hobby stuff with a baby on my lap but I can still play "Rage of Dark Gods" which is a PC game total mod for Total War 2 making the game into the Warhammer Storm of Chaos campaign..
      I'm currenty playing as chaos dwarves (completed the campaign as Dwarves already and Gave up on high elves lol). So i;m not sure I have time for another game right now, but as I already have a tablet I may consider giving it a go lol.

      I think those albums would be a strange sound track for WHQ lol.

      No problem for the recommendation, and I know the blog isn't just one person but I still think it needs to recognition for what it provides :). Keep up the good work (when you can pull yourself away from WHQ lol). Perhaps you should see if you can play WHQ on a real table then you might at least get some painting done :).


  4. We played a seriously long game of Mordheim Quest in the sewers one Halloween. You may have seen my battle report. An interesting way to enjoy both classic games!

    Warhammer Quest app is only available on iPad & iPhone just so as you aware.

    Although there are some occasional contributors to the blog, the campaign has been mostly my heresy. The recognition is well received.

    I have a new special scenario planned for this summer. Hoping to blog some details this week. It's a great adventure for anyone who enjoys collecting civilians.

    1. Mordheim quest? any particular rules going on or just mordheim in a dungeon, I think I may well have read about that, with Ogres and a pirate special character?

  5. If you refer to the Core Scenarios download on the Rules tab (posted under 'Best Fight Scene') it contains an all inclusive underground quest scenario called 'Burrow Town Collapsing', which is a smuggling mission for two or more warbands. You've possibly seen my battle report 'Grand Sewer Run' which showcases the most extreme dungeon quest I've ever participated in.

  6. You've provided me with links to a few more awesome hobby/miniature blogs to waste even more time reading instead of getting on with my own projects...

    Thank you?

    Seriously though, every time I follow one blog link I find a handful more blogs. So many blogs so little time.

    1. I know I generally don't even try and keep up and then it's a nice suprise/ bit of eye candy when i've run out of things to do of an evening and remember there are a whole mass of blog posts to read lol.

      I haven't done anything hobby related for about a month now anyway, baby is too demanding at the moment :(.