Sunday, 30 March 2014

Hordes Circle of Orboros: Ferile WarpWolf (PIP) part 2

Coming along quite nicely I think now, though there are some bits where the quickshade I appiled a bit too heavily or didn't wanter it down quite enough and need to be blended back in again with watered down bone white.

I'm pretty happy with how he's coming along so far.
 None of the armour has had more than it's base colours and a littel bit of quick shade for depth applied... i'm not looking forward to adding some highlight to the orange lol...

 I found a pot of P3 Molten bronze which I didn't realise I had, that should make a great highlight to the much darker I-kore Lucifer bronze :).
Got to paint his nose and eyes yet too.

And I keep forgetting to put the top coat of cream onto his tail at the moment it's just barely base coated.
You might not be able to see it in the pictures, I think it's most visble on his back, but any large flat areas of model i went out of my way to try and keep the top highlight showing hte brush strokes to try and give the effect of fine fur.... I think it looks pretty good (at least on his back lol).

I also managed to drop the model when painting him and i've broken off the back spike on the left hand side :(, chipped a few bits too but it was all the spikes and I hadn't finished them so I just slapped the highlight colour on the ends lol.

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