Monday, 19 August 2013

Wood elves: Tree Seer & Trackers (PiP)

Not much going on in the hobby world i'm afraid, I've had very little to report, did a bit of dabbling but nothing much to showfor it bought some bits, sold some bits, just generally didn't do a lot lol.

Paiting these Tharn bloodtrackers & spellsinger to this point and putting a base coat on some Terrortoise is all I have accomplished in the long time between the last post and this one.

Some progress has been made on this one though she definately isn't finished, infact she's gone back into the cabinet again until the desire to paint her strikes again...


  1. What you've done so far looks really good. Where are the spear chucking gals from?

    1. They are from Privateer press, "Tharn Bloodtrackers"