Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Hordes: Blindwater pact (Minions) Bloody Barnabas

Here is my first painted Warlock for the Privateer press game Hordes, Bloody Barnabas.
The figure was second hand and came pre-painted in a vibrant green with the coat and axe in the same colour as pictured, I re-painted all the flesh in a more alligator colour and re-painted all the bones, then I painted the stitching, touched up a few missed spots of paint and inked him all over with Army painter strong tone. Personally I think he turned out pretty good :).  

So far the only other thing I have painted for the faction are the bog trogs (fishmen) posted a couple of weeks ago (and the paint work couldn't really BE more different lol). But the gatormen paint up really easily for me (was easier than the fishmen) so I believe I will finish a couple more models pretty quickly (though I only presently have one more caster and 2 Bull snappers for the gators).

More angles below :).

Cheers for reading.


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    1. I should probably point out that I didn't base him.... I have re-painted most of the model from 2nd hand but the base I haven't touched lol.