Sunday, 20 January 2013

Inspirations: Lizardmen & Fimir

Apologies for the delay in updating the blog, I have had a busy xmas period (and the weeks afterwards) and very little time to spare on little figures, I have dabble a little bit here and there and based a few minis ready to undercoat, however the snow means I can't do that yet...

So i've been thinking about my lizardmen for a while now, I was pretty much going to use some Helldorado lost for the large ones and GW Skinks for the small ones. I'm probably still going to use GW Skinks but i've come across a couple of ideas that have made me look at other GW kits for the bigger lizardmen, specifically the Savage Orc kit.

This idea here from Matal over on DeviantArt is a brilliant use of the new Savage orcs to create Saurus models which I much prefer to the existing GW kit.
Check out the original on DeviantArt

The below conversion from Khar however grabs my attention more at the moment, this time Kroxigor sized but again using the savage orc kit as a basis (Amazing how flexible it can be with a legs swap). I'm really liking this conversion though I think I will reduce the neck length (a little) should I undertake it.
Check out the original thread on Warseer
While i'm posting conversions using Savage orcs as a basis have you seen Mr Saturday's Fimir? A brilliant revitalisation of an old GW race.


  1. Thanks Maxxev, most kind. I never considered the orc kit for saurus, it works great. Seems the savage orcs have a multitude of uses!

  2. Whereas conversely I'm soon going to undertake a project using lizardmen to make fimir - the whole range comes full circle. I need to check out how best to start my own blog to document my success or failure at the project. Either way it will be interesting and fun. Mr Saturday's work is definite inspiration.

    1. I've set up my blog to document my progress with my fimir project. Thought you might like to take a look.