Sunday, 23 December 2012

Faun: New Warband WIP & inspiration.

Sorry for the long gap between posts this time, though I imagine everyone has a busy December to deal with! lol.

OK so I still haven't finished any of the warbands since the Southlanders, but that hasn't stopped me starting another one. This one is again based on someone else's idea I saw a few years ago and saved until I had all the parts needed (and the time) found here

I think the inspiration for that project is very obvious just from the photos :P, at this point I have no intention of including random animals and centaurs in this Warband.

These guys are converted out of OOP Ungor legs (torsos removed) with dark elf (warrior?) torsos and marauder heads. 
I'll use glade rider / guardian arms once I work out how to "arm" them (bows, spears, shields or swords or a combination of).
My hand was hurting a lot after converting one head (cramp from holding something so damned tiny) so I decided to push-mold the head, that way I should only have to convert 3 or 4 actual heads for the whole warband. It means a fair amount of repair work after casting, but no less than converting each marauder head!

These guys might be Incorporated into the wild elf warband, but it's probably more likely that i'll do a complete "beastman" warband. 
I've seen some nice lion beastmen conversions that might be a good fit / thematic for the warband's heavy hitters for instance, though I would armour them up more than the conversions i've seen (e.g. plate armour).

Anyway i'll have something else up for you on boxing day hopefully :).

Have a good one!


  1. I like where this is going will there be centaurs, badgers and musketeer mice?

  2. Nice work on the face. I look forward to seeing this one finished :)